About Us:

Timeless value system with a distinct moral flavor is the cornerstone of our enterprises. The foundation of our business processes has in its genesis, the ethos of integrity and honesty, which shows through in every facet of our business.

Our belief in collaborating evolving necessitates working with you to define your business objectives, and focus our development efforts on innovative solutions that are technological equivalents of planned obsolescence.

We don't Transact, We Co-operate:
Banaras House Group believes in building strategic relationship by delivering quality products and proactively responsive services, with special relevance to cost benefit parameters.
We strive to create a team environment for our clients, partners, consultants, and employees that encourage and facilitate creative solutions that leave the clients delighted. 

Our Fountainhead:
The Banaras House Group:
The Banaras Group is one of India's premier corporate conglomerates, with an annual turnover in excess of US $ 120 Mn. The Group consists of 20 companies, producing a diverse range of commodities and services. Some of these include Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Software & Hardware, Consultancy and Technical services, Textiles and man-made fibers, Hospitality, Power Generation.

Strategic alliances with global giants give the group the cutting-edge with the latest in expertise and technology.

The main objective to develop the Indian market in the field of Export, Hospitality, Power Generation, Education and Services by introducing the new products and technology from the global market according to the international standards. In order to achieve these objectives, our CEO visited various IT and Telecom fairs throughout the world during the past years and found a few innovative products suitable for Indian Market.

For us profitability is the function of Customer Satisfaction.